10 Ways You’re Annoying Your Pet (And Don’t Even Know It)

You love your dog, but you’re definitely doing something to annoy him without even realizing it. It could be something as simple as refusing to pet him when he asks for it or walking past him in the other room, or it could be something more serious like leaving him alone at home too often or not taking care of his needs when you go on vacation. Either way, he’s probably starting to resent you and take his anger out on everything around him, especially on the people who care about him the most – you! Here are 10 ways you’re annoying your pet (and don’t even know it).

1. Treat them like a human

Be mindful of when you speak to your pet. We tend to get excited and loud when we talk to them, as if they’re just like one of us. But guess what? They can hear a lot better than we can, so please try not to yell or holler at them in the house. Save the high-pitched excitement for outside, where they don’t have any neighbors close by that might be bothered by it!

2. Overly doting

It may seem like all you have to do is throw a little toy their way, giggle and pat them on the head – but believe it or not, your pet might be losing his/her patience with you. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to reduce the risk of being an annoying human companion to your furry friend. The first thing you should do is only give them food when they come over and ask for it instead of feeding them out of habit.

3. Ignoring them

Ignoring your pet for long periods of time, even if you come home and immediately pet them, is one of the worst things you can do. They need attention from their owners just as much as they need food and water.
Ignoring your pet for long periods of time is a bad idea because pets are still animals that need attention, even if it isn’t constant. Plus, it makes you seem distant and unapproachable which only drives your pet away more.

4. Giving them mixed signals

Many people think that their pets like the attention they get when getting attention. I would ask you to think about it this way. When you need your partner’s attention, you seek them out and want them to notice you. Would it be annoying if your partner randomly came up and patted you on the head every once in a while? Pets are no different, but for some reason we as humans take it as a sign of love and use this as proof that our pets actually like us.

5. Picking favorites

Pets are known for their unconditional love and support, but sometimes you may be unaware of the way that you are annoying your dog or cat. Perhaps they stay with you because they can’t find a better home. But when you read this list, maybe some of these behaviors will make more sense.

6. Bad pet parent in public

Like people, our pets can have some grumpy days, but they don’t typically snap at their humans in the grocery store like we might with a coworker. If you want to avoid an embarrassing moment and keep your pet’s good mood, it’s important to be mindful of his needs before leaving home.

7. Taking on your emotions

I’m sure it’s annoying to share your home with a living, breathing creature that has its own mind. But have you ever stopped to think about what their life might be like? Can they hear the hushed tones of voices coming from the kitchen when they were supposed to be asleep? Do they feel anxious when the house is silent and all they can hear is their own thoughts in their head?

8. Trying to bond with your cat, dog, bird, etc…

If you want to create a better relationship with your pet, try giving them more space. One of the biggest ways you can annoy your pet is by crowding them – and it’s usually without even realizing you are doing it. If your cat is avoiding eye contact or scratching at their tail when they see you, this could be one of the reasons why. Dogs also get stressed when they feel cornered or threatened in any way and cats need to mark their territory just like humans do.

9. Too many pets in too small of a space

There are some things that you might not even know you’re doing when it comes to your pet that can be annoying. Cats often turn their nose up at scented soaps, colognes, or other products if they have a sensitive sense of smell. Avoid baths with soap or shampoo and be sure to wipe down hands before petting the cat so as not to transfer any chemicals or artificial scents from your hands onto the animal.

10. Spoiling them rotten

You give them all the love in the world and can’t help but spoil them a little, right? But even if they love it when you feed them expensive treats or pamper them with your time, there are some things that they might not be too pleased about. If you take a look at their droopy faces after eating just one scoop of ice cream or going for a walk in the rain then you might want to reconsider your actions. They just need someone to tell them how much they matter!

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